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The start of the demolition is imminent but still not dated. Since yesterday a bulldozer is parked next to the ferry terminal Hammer waiting for the workers finish removing materials should not be mixed with debris, but have not yet been dismantled outside elements such as awnings that served parasol to travelers.

Until the workers finish their work will not be the turn of the excavator. A spokesman for the Port Authority of Balears (APB) said yesterday that it had begun “preliminary work with heavy machinery,” and added that the demolition will begin “soon”, but before the operators have to cerciorar “that there are no material they can be mixed “with the remains of work.

As reported by the APB few weeks ago, the demolition of the old passenger terminal will be simultaneous to the construction of the new building Hammer, which will serve the luxury marina under the Poniente dock port. The building, 600 square meters, will have a terrace with gazebo on the deck, which will be accessed by a staircase that will continue the space provided for this concourse.

The multinational Isolux Corsán won the custom of this project, tendered in 2014, for an operating budget of 5.5 million. Representatives of the builder assured the president of the APB that despite the economic difficulties being experienced by the group, project implementation is assured.

Source : Diario de ibiza

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