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Deze nieuwe adembenemende villa gelegen nabij Santa Gertrudis en Sant Rafael is de nieuwste ontwikkeling voltooid begin januari 2016.

te-huur-ibiza - IVR232-036De Villa bieden 4 luxe all eigen slaapkamers, elk uitgerust met een eigen kleedkamer.
2 slaapkamers zijn op het hoogste niveau en 2 grote luxe slaapkamers met terras op het tweede niveau.

De ruime woonkamer met een prachtig uitzicht op het zwembad heeft een gezellige zithoek met een grote eettafel ontworpen dat de half open stand van de techniek keuken verbindt alle met topmerk en roestvrij stalen apparaten.

te-huur-ibiza - IVR232-047


Naast de keuken heeft een eigen Pantry kamer en extra Landry kamer die een aparte toegang tot de parkeerplaats heeft.

te-huur-ibiza - IVR232-014

Het gazon natuur tuin rondom het huis met diverse lounges, kristalheldere blauwe zwembad gelegen in het centrum van de belangrijkste gebied van de villa om te genieten en te ontspannen de warme Ibiza zomers.

De villa is gebouwd met duurzame producten en heeft een laag verbruik.
De vloerverwarming is de nieuwste technologie om de perfecte temperatuur tijdens de winter.
Centraal A / C in het hele huis met de nieuwste Daiking Eco-vriendelijke product.

Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met ons kantoor

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This new breathtaking Villa located near Santa Gertrudis and Sant Rafael is the latest development finished beginning of January 2016.

for-rent-ibiza--IVR232-036The Villa provide 4 luxury all en-suite bedrooms each comes with there own Dressing room.
2 Bedrooms are on the main level and 2 large luxury bedrooms with terrace on the second level.

The large living with an incredible pool view offers a cozy sitting area with a large designed dining table that connects the half open state of the art Kitchen all with top brand and stainless steel appliances.



Next to the kitchen it has there own Pantry room and extra Landry room that has an separate access to the parking.


The nature lawn garden surround the house with several lounge areas, crystal clear blue swimming pool located in the centre of the main area of the Villa to enjoy and relax the warm Ibiza summers.

The Villa is build with sustainable products and has a low consumption.
The Floor-heating is the latest technology to have the perfect temperature during the winter.
Central A/C in the entire house with the latest Daiking Eco friendly product.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our office

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Immo Ibiza and our TEAM wishing you all incredible holidays and a happy 2016

Hereby we want to thank you all for the years being with us and trusting us for your holidays in Ibiza

We could not have done it without you !

Immo Ibiza wishing you and your family warm holidays and a happy new year

Posted by Immo Ibiza on Friday, December 18, 2015

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Moving to Ibiza

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No doubt you’ve been sitting at an office somewhere in the city – be it London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world for that matter – and looked out the window and thought “What am I doing here?” Or perhaps you’ve struggled with strollers and a toddler on crowded streets, buses and Tubes thinking, “Is this really it?” And surely there have been tipsy dinner party games of “If you could have three houses anywhere in the world where would they be?” One would definitely have to be in Ibiza – and in case you needed any more convincing, we’ve got the top ten reasons why should move to our beautiful Balearic island.

1. Proximity. Ibiza is close to everything. Less than an hour from Barcelona, only an hour from Madrid and two hours from London. You can get anywhere in Europe whenever you need to from this island idyll.

2. The weather. With average winter temperatures of 15 degrees, around 360 days of sunshine and world-famous summers – do you need anymore convincing than that?

3. Beauty. Ibiza is truly spectacular. Crystalline seas, breathtaking views, pretty whitewashed villages, winding country roads, blossoming fruit trees. The commute to work and the school runs are magnificent and sure beats battling traffic or overcrowded trains.

4. Lifestyle. Working here in Ibiza never really seems to feel like work. A full 40-hour week slips by like a cool drink on a hot day thanks to laidback attitudes and happy outlooks on life. And after work? It’s all about the beach, pool, spa, cocktails, dinner, and best of all, sunshine.

5. Family life. Childhood here is celebrated like nowhere else and the friendly cooing and cheek squeezing is contagious. There are a plethora of activities for families with youngsters on offer plus wonderful international schools and nothing beats growing up surrounded by the great outdoors. Villa Contact have many family friendly properties for sale in Ibiza – contact us for more information.

6. Gastronomy. Not every one thinks of cuisine when they think of Ibiza but there are some of the best food experiences in Europe here. From seaside fish restaurants serving up only one item on their menu to high-end, five-star fine dining with some of the world’s leading Michelin starred chefs, Ibiza has it all. And the fresh produce available here is a foodies dream come true.

7. Business opportunities. Ibiza is a wide open door for people with drive and ideas. With a burgeoning local market and the ever-increasing tourist dollar there is money to be made.

8. Romance. Young couples and old timers alike find it hard to resist the romance of this island. Whether it’s a starry-eyed, candle lit, beachside dinner or a fast-paced night out on the dance floor, the love in Ibiza is palpable.

9. Health. Getting healthy and changing bad habits is made simple by a plethora of therapists and fitness gurus offering an assortment of health options from yoga, beach training to shamanic healing and tantric massage in Ibiza.

10. It’s just not London. Or Frankfurt. Or Amsterdam or… you see where we’re going with this? It’s Ibiza !

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When it comes to where you’re going to stay, Ibiza has plenty of options. It’s worth pointing out that most villas start at 4 bedroom and upwards and that most apartments have a maximum of three bedrooms. Whether you want to stay by the sea with that breathtaking Ibiza sunset view, in the heart of the country surrounded by green fields and stunning scenery, the cosmopolitan Marina life or in the hub of one of the vibrant Ibiza towns, there is an option for everyone. From the coastline of Cala Vidella to the quirky sleepy village of Santa Gertrudis, from Santa Eulalia or San Carlos in the north to Marina Botafoc and Ibiza Town in the heart of the action, Ibiza is a thriving destination for those looking to enjoy more quality of life.

The big decision facing you is not so much if you should do it, but where and into what accommodation should you relocate. This is where Essentialibiza comes in handy; we have a range of properties and length of lets available for you as well as over a decade of living on the island and the knowledge that comes with that. Depending on what you are looking for from your Ibiza adventure, we have the ability to steer and advise you, as well as provide numerous options depending on style and budget. Living in Ibiza sounds like a fairy tale but it is one that has become so much more accessible in recent years and it’s one that many have embraced before you, the support system for making the change is already there, all you have to do is bring an open mind and a willingness to make new friends. The first stage in your dream relocation is only an email away.

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British Airways offers a regular route to London and there is the option to get to the island from many other short haul destinations, meaning that you are not stranded once you are here.
One of the most popular reasons for relocating to the island is the ability to successfully run your business from Ibiza, no matter what it is.
With facebook, skype, facetime, whatsapp, viber and all of the other social networking facilities available now, keeping in touch with people around the world has never been easier or less expensive.
There is also high speed Internet available on the island, which makes keeping in touch as simple as clicking a button! Not to mention that the surroundings you find yourself in can be much more of an inspiration than the dark, wet and cold alternatives at home.

From a lifestyle perspective, Ibiza makes total sense, while the rest of Europe is hiding behind its curtains, leaving the warmth only to go to work and return home, Ibiza is out enjoying the fresh air, with numerous organized walking groups, cycling trips and other activities that take advantage of the mild winter weather, you’ll have no excuse for not getting out and enjoying your life. There are also numerous fitness centres and Spa facilities to make sure you are in the best shape. Relocating to Ibiza has multiple advantages; the move will be good for your mind, your body and your soul.

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