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Les Illes Balears i Catalunya són les comunitats on més van augmentar les noves hipoteques sobre habitatges l’any 2015, tal com reflecteixen les dades publicades ahir per l’Institut Nacional d’Estadística (INE). A les Balears, els préstecs hipotecaris sobre habitatges van augmentar un 41,4 %, i a Catalunya, un 25,9 %, mentre que de mitjana a l’Estat l’increment es va situar en un 19,8 %. Aquest creixement de prop d’un 20 % significa el segon creixement interanual després de sis anys ininterromputs de caigudes d’ençà de l’esclat de la bombolla immobiliària.

A Catalunya, durant tot l’any 2015 es van signar 38.583 hipoteques sobre habitatges, una quantitat que només van superar Andalusia -amb 45.971 noves hipoteques- i la Comunitat de Madrid, amb 42.382 nous crèdits. En el conjunt de l’Estat es van formalitzar 244.827 noves hipoteques sobre habitatges.

Per contra, les comunitats autònomes on les hipoteques d’habitatges van experimentar un creixement més tímid durant l’any 2015 van ser Navarra, amb un 2,5 %; Castella i Lleó, amb un 8,9 %, i el Principat d’Astúries, amb prop d’un 12 %.

Pel que fa al capital total d’aquest tipus de crèdit, a tot l’Estat va pujar a gairebé 26.000 milions d’euros, amb un augment del 24 %. D’aquesta quantitat, a Catalunya li correspon un capital de 4.640 milions d’euros, una xifra que significa un increment del 32,8 % durant l’any passat. De fet, al desembre Catalunya va registrar un increment del capital prestat de més del 61 % respecte al mateix mes de l’any anterior. L’augment és similar al de les comunitats de Galícia -amb un creixement de prop del 64 %- i de l’Aragó -amb un 69,5 %-, els tres únics territoris en què l’indicador es va disparar més d’un 50 %.

Respecte a la quantitat total del capital prestat, només Madrid -amb 6.232 milions- va superar Catalunya, però l’augment dels diners prestats es va situar més de deu punts per sota, gairebé en el 21 %.

Per demarcacions

Segons demarcacions, Barcelona suposa el gran gruix de les noves hipoteques sobre habitatges a Catalunya. Només en aquesta demarcació se’n van signar 27.756 l’any 2015, amb un capital prestat total de 3.613 milions d’euros. Segons un informe elaborat per Tecnocasa i la Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona té el preu per metre quadrat més car entre les grans ciutats espanyoles, uns 2.217 euros.

A la demarcació de Girona la firma d’hipoteques sobre habitatges es va enfilar fins a les 4.626, amb un capital total de 498 milions; a Lleida es van fer 1.791 operacions, amb un capital global de 156 milions, i a Tarragona es va arribar a les 4.410 noves hipoteques sobre habitatges, amb un capital total de 371 milions d’euros.

Segons les dades de l’INE, l’import mitjà de les hipoteques sobre habitatges a l’Estat es va situar l’any passat en 105.931 euros. Això suposa un augment del 3,6 % en comparació amb les dades del 2014. De fet, l’import mitjà és el més alt des de l’any 2011, quan era de gairebé 112.000 euros. Els tipus d’interès, però, han baixat.

La caiguda de l’Euríbor durant el 2015 també s’ha notat en aquests préstecs. El tipus d’interès mitjà de les noves hipoteques sobre habitatges al desembre se situava per sobre del 3,3 %, mentre que el desembre del 2014 era lleugerament superior, del 3,5 %. L’Euríbor segueix sent el tipus de referència més utilitzat en el mercat hipotecari.

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The hotels top class continues to grow in Ibiza. Currently, there are eight five-star establishments on the island, and this summer could become 10 with the opening of two new hotels in this category in Talamanca.

The Playa Real Hotel, which had so far three stars, will become five after major renovation that is currently the subject. The property, one of the oldest on the island, has been acquired by a British magnate, majority shareholder of Mark & ​​Spencer and owns the Marbella Club and the Grand Hotel Puente Romano, in the same town of Malaga, according to the president of the Federation business Hotel in Ibiza and Formentera (FEHIF), Juanjo Riera.

The building has now left alone with its structure, given the scale of the planned reform, which will change its appearance and interior layout.

The other Talamanca property which will become five-star Hotel Victoria, which until now was four. In this case, the Ibizan entrepreneur Marc Rahola has done with his property and has also expanded the area of ​​the hotel with a new building. It will have 119 rooms and suites, including two 120 square meters.5star hotel ibiza 2016

With these two new industries top flight, the number of premises in this segment achieved in the ten Ibiza this summer. Currently part of this select club the Hacienda Hotel (na Xamena), Aguas de Ibiza (Santa Eulalia), Phoenicia (Santa Eulària), El Mirador (Dalt Vila), I Ibiza (Santa Eulalia), Ibiza Gran Hotel (Ibiza) Gran Palladium (Sant Josep) and Sensatori Resort (Sant Josep). Others advertised as five stars (Ushuaïa or Hard Rock, for example) still lack this distinction officially.

Luxury beachfront broken emissary
President pitiusa hotel employer highlighted the contradiction that imply the existence of two luxury hotels in Talamanca living with an emissary “who breaks every few minutes.” Therefore, he called once again its urgent repair to the responsible institutions. The latest manifestations of the Department of Environment of the Government did not allow to anticipate a solution to this problem for the summer of 2016, as the paperwork alleging Minister Vicenç Vidal continue to delay the start of construction, which remain fixed date today.aguasdeibiza

In 2004, the island of Ibiza only had a five-star hotel, the Na Xamena, and 14 four-star. Instead, they are now almost 40 the four star eight five. The hotel employer highlights the investment effort made by entrepreneurs to improve their competitiveness “and this without consuming country,” said Riera, as are improvements to be made without increasing the area of ​​the complex, as a general rule.




El corso 5 star ibizaBesides these two new accommodations Talamanca, the president of the employers reported that the modernizing wave continues in Ibiza hotel industry in virtually all municipalities of the island, “and not limited to maintenance issues, but reforms comprehensive, “he said. He cited the Abrat in Sant Antoni, Santa Eulària Augusta, the Garbi in Playa d’en Bossa or Marivent apartments Sant Antoni hotels.


source : Diario de ibziahard-rock-hotel-ibiza1


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The start of the demolition is imminent but still not dated. Since yesterday a bulldozer is parked next to the ferry terminal Hammer waiting for the workers finish removing materials should not be mixed with debris, but have not yet been dismantled outside elements such as awnings that served parasol to travelers.

Until the workers finish their work will not be the turn of the excavator. A spokesman for the Port Authority of Balears (APB) said yesterday that it had begun “preliminary work with heavy machinery,” and added that the demolition will begin “soon”, but before the operators have to cerciorar “that there are no material they can be mixed “with the remains of work.

As reported by the APB few weeks ago, the demolition of the old passenger terminal will be simultaneous to the construction of the new building Hammer, which will serve the luxury marina under the Poniente dock port. The building, 600 square meters, will have a terrace with gazebo on the deck, which will be accessed by a staircase that will continue the space provided for this concourse.

The multinational Isolux Corsán won the custom of this project, tendered in 2014, for an operating budget of 5.5 million. Representatives of the builder assured the president of the APB that despite the economic difficulties being experienced by the group, project implementation is assured.

Source : Diario de ibiza

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The three parties supporting the Balearic Government -PSOE month and we can- reached yesterday a definitive agreement to determine the extent of the urban moratorium coming brewing for several months and eventually will be approved in the course of a Council of Extraordinary Government to be held next Tuesday.

According to informed sources told this newspaper that we have participated in the negotiations, the agreement satisfies the claims of this party, which declared “quite satisfied” with the outcome reached to have included many of their demands.

One of the measures to be adopted on Tuesday by the Government is the total protection of Natural Areas of Special Interest (ISNA) Ibiza and Formentera, which will unbuildable, as already happens in the rest of the Balearics. This was one of the main demands of the left parties and environmental groups in Ibiza, due to strong development pressure especially suffering the Balearic Islands.

Similarly, the level of protection of the rural areas of Landscape Interest (ARIP) and Risk Protection Areas (APR), where restrictions to build intensify increases.

Retroactive effect in ANEI
Al annulment of the possible avalanche of license requests that may have occurred in recent weeks because of the news about the imminent moratorium approve the text states that have no effect those license applications have been introduced three months ago in the ANEI areas.

The interim rule that the PSOE have agreed, month and we will include a host of measures, most of which consist off all the “laws desregularizadoras approved the Government of José Ramón Bauzá,” we said. Specifically, as previously announced, the articles of the Tourism Act are suspended, the Land, the Land and the DOT that were introduced during the previous term to allow a greater degree of build able or establishment of businesses where before it was prohibited.


Source : J. LL. FERRER DiariodeIbiza

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