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Si Buscas Concultores Inmobiliarios de lujo con vocación International, especializado en la gestión, compra, venta y alquiler de propiedades exclusivas !

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Our New Properties in Ibiza

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Our New Properties in Ibiza

Finca with swimming pool in San Mateo – 120.000sqm of Land

Finca 600sqm
7 Bedrooms
Salt Water pool


15.000sqm plot with Storage in San Mateo

Storage 15sqm
1 Bedrooms
Vinyard and AlmondscTreed


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Deze nieuwe adembenemende villa gelegen nabij Santa Gertrudis en Sant Rafael is de nieuwste ontwikkeling voltooid begin januari 2016.

te-huur-ibiza - IVR232-036De Villa bieden 4 luxe all eigen slaapkamers, elk uitgerust met een eigen kleedkamer.
2 slaapkamers zijn op het hoogste niveau en 2 grote luxe slaapkamers met terras op het tweede niveau.

De ruime woonkamer met een prachtig uitzicht op het zwembad heeft een gezellige zithoek met een grote eettafel ontworpen dat de half open stand van de techniek keuken verbindt alle met topmerk en roestvrij stalen apparaten.

te-huur-ibiza - IVR232-047


Naast de keuken heeft een eigen Pantry kamer en extra Landry kamer die een aparte toegang tot de parkeerplaats heeft.

te-huur-ibiza - IVR232-014

Het gazon natuur tuin rondom het huis met diverse lounges, kristalheldere blauwe zwembad gelegen in het centrum van de belangrijkste gebied van de villa om te genieten en te ontspannen de warme Ibiza zomers.

De villa is gebouwd met duurzame producten en heeft een laag verbruik.
De vloerverwarming is de nieuwste technologie om de perfecte temperatuur tijdens de winter.
Centraal A / C in het hele huis met de nieuwste Daiking Eco-vriendelijke product.

Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met ons kantoor

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This new breathtaking Villa located near Santa Gertrudis and Sant Rafael is the latest development finished beginning of January 2016.

for-rent-ibiza--IVR232-036The Villa provide 4 luxury all en-suite bedrooms each comes with there own Dressing room.
2 Bedrooms are on the main level and 2 large luxury bedrooms with terrace on the second level.

The large living with an incredible pool view offers a cozy sitting area with a large designed dining table that connects the half open state of the art Kitchen all with top brand and stainless steel appliances.



Next to the kitchen it has there own Pantry room and extra Landry room that has an separate access to the parking.


The nature lawn garden surround the house with several lounge areas, crystal clear blue swimming pool located in the centre of the main area of the Villa to enjoy and relax the warm Ibiza summers.

The Villa is build with sustainable products and has a low consumption.
The Floor-heating is the latest technology to have the perfect temperature during the winter.
Central A/C in the entire house with the latest Daiking Eco friendly product.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our office

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The three parties supporting the Balearic Government -PSOE month and we can- reached yesterday a definitive agreement to determine the extent of the urban moratorium coming brewing for several months and eventually will be approved in the course of a Council of Extraordinary Government to be held next Tuesday.

According to informed sources told this newspaper that we have participated in the negotiations, the agreement satisfies the claims of this party, which declared “quite satisfied” with the outcome reached to have included many of their demands.

One of the measures to be adopted on Tuesday by the Government is the total protection of Natural Areas of Special Interest (ISNA) Ibiza and Formentera, which will unbuildable, as already happens in the rest of the Balearics. This was one of the main demands of the left parties and environmental groups in Ibiza, due to strong development pressure especially suffering the Balearic Islands.

Similarly, the level of protection of the rural areas of Landscape Interest (ARIP) and Risk Protection Areas (APR), where restrictions to build intensify increases.

Retroactive effect in ANEI
Al annulment of the possible avalanche of license requests that may have occurred in recent weeks because of the news about the imminent moratorium approve the text states that have no effect those license applications have been introduced three months ago in the ANEI areas.

The interim rule that the PSOE have agreed, month and we will include a host of measures, most of which consist off all the “laws desregularizadoras approved the Government of José Ramón Bauzá,” we said. Specifically, as previously announced, the articles of the Tourism Act are suspended, the Land, the Land and the DOT that were introduced during the previous term to allow a greater degree of build able or establishment of businesses where before it was prohibited.


Source : J. LL. FERRER DiariodeIbiza

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Immo Ibiza and our TEAM wishing you all incredible holidays and a happy 2016

Hereby we want to thank you all for the years being with us and trusting us for your holidays in Ibiza

We could not have done it without you !

Immo Ibiza wishing you and your family warm holidays and a happy new year

Posted by Immo Ibiza on Friday, December 18, 2015

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No doubt you’ve been sitting at an office somewhere in the city – be it London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world for that matter – and looked out the window and thought “What am I doing here?” Or perhaps you’ve struggled with strollers and a toddler on crowded streets, buses and Tubes thinking, “Is this really it?” And surely there have been tipsy dinner party games of “If you could have three houses anywhere in the world where would they be?” One would definitely have to be in Ibiza – and in case you needed any more convincing, we’ve got the top ten reasons why should move to our beautiful Balearic island.

1. Proximity. Ibiza is close to everything. Less than an hour from Barcelona, only an hour from Madrid and two hours from London. You can get anywhere in Europe whenever you need to from this island idyll.

2. The weather. With average winter temperatures of 15 degrees, around 360 days of sunshine and world-famous summers – do you need anymore convincing than that?

3. Beauty. Ibiza is truly spectacular. Crystalline seas, breathtaking views, pretty whitewashed villages, winding country roads, blossoming fruit trees. The commute to work and the school runs are magnificent and sure beats battling traffic or overcrowded trains.

4. Lifestyle. Working here in Ibiza never really seems to feel like work. A full 40-hour week slips by like a cool drink on a hot day thanks to laidback attitudes and happy outlooks on life. And after work? It’s all about the beach, pool, spa, cocktails, dinner, and best of all, sunshine.

5. Family life. Childhood here is celebrated like nowhere else and the friendly cooing and cheek squeezing is contagious. There are a plethora of activities for families with youngsters on offer plus wonderful international schools and nothing beats growing up surrounded by the great outdoors. Villa Contact have many family friendly properties for sale in Ibiza – contact us for more information.

6. Gastronomy. Not every one thinks of cuisine when they think of Ibiza but there are some of the best food experiences in Europe here. From seaside fish restaurants serving up only one item on their menu to high-end, five-star fine dining with some of the world’s leading Michelin starred chefs, Ibiza has it all. And the fresh produce available here is a foodies dream come true.

7. Business opportunities. Ibiza is a wide open door for people with drive and ideas. With a burgeoning local market and the ever-increasing tourist dollar there is money to be made.

8. Romance. Young couples and old timers alike find it hard to resist the romance of this island. Whether it’s a starry-eyed, candle lit, beachside dinner or a fast-paced night out on the dance floor, the love in Ibiza is palpable.

9. Health. Getting healthy and changing bad habits is made simple by a plethora of therapists and fitness gurus offering an assortment of health options from yoga, beach training to shamanic healing and tantric massage in Ibiza.

10. It’s just not London. Or Frankfurt. Or Amsterdam or… you see where we’re going with this? It’s Ibiza !

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Owner of s’Espalmador, Formentera, has decided to sell the island at a cost of 24 million euros. Rosy and Norman Cinnamond, grandsons of Bernardo Cinnamond James, who acquired this little island in 1932 Carlos Tur Roig by 42,500 pesetas, have already received several offers, and before the start of this summer, “deference to the administration”, transmitted to Consell de Formentera this decision.

This meeting was attended by virtually all councilors, not the president, Jaume Ferrer. By Mark attended Stücklin property, son of one of the owners, and the Ibizan Marí Ribas attorney Santiago. During this meeting, the possibility that the island was acquired by any administration should become public property was raised.

From the Consell, the second vice president, President, Finance and Rural, Bartomeu Escandell, confirmed this but noted: “Of course we are interested, that would be terrific, but the price is too high.”

Escandell recalled that the annual budget of the insular administration precisely round the amount by which it is now selling s’Espalmador. “While the issue was discussed and would be happy to go public, it is not feasible at the moment,” said former minister.
The representatives of ownership recognize that cost is a handicap but advance that the price could be negotiated: “The property wants sell, but if an Administration and the island becomes public, the better. They prefer it that way, “they said.

Although not explored more options because everything is “very green”, as noted by all parties has raised the possibility that the purchase is funded by the Government, the State or the European Union. Even the property accept payment by installment, in several years, so s’Espalmador will be public.

The islet is located in a particularly sensitive to the preservation of the ecosystem of the Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera, which owns area. It is also protected by the Coastal Act, is ANEI (Natural Area of ​​Special Interest) since 2001 and in 2005, the Insular Territorial Plan declared AANP (Area high level of protection). That same year, s’Espalmador became a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Area (SPA). Precisely this significant level of protection determines an institutional interest in the island. “The protection of the island is guaranteed and the stage economic [for a possible takeover] is not adequate,” he explained about the Minister of Finance of Formentera, who insisted that the institution he represents “can not afford” this purchase.

There is therefore an urgency that could justify an interest of administrations awarded this island. However, despite being protected by such legislation, suffers every summer s’Espalmador strong pressure caused both by the nautical tourism as people accessing from the nearby coast of Formentera is Pas through a dangerous stretch of sand by currents but at certain times of the year it is passable on foot.

Norman himself Cinnamond already warned last year by Diario de Ibiza on the effects of these attacks on the environment of the island . Among other things, ownership criticizes the uncontrolled moorings, bathing in the mud, then people in the bay is clean, polluting, and that sa Torreta, place where traditionally anchored boats, “is a wild camp”.
The It regrets that property has no means to prevent these continuous attacks against the environment.



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This Luxury New to build Architecture Sate of the Art Villa in Ibiza is almost yours to have.
Designed by a famous Architect that has build high exclusives Homes.

The plot size is approx 9.000sqm with 550sqm of living indoor space

The olympic pool with views at the sea was the main center piece of this luxury Villa.

Please contact us for more information  about this unique New Project in Ibzia – Click here


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Spain grew by 1pc in the three months to June, up from 0.9pc in the first three months of the year.

This was in line with economists’ expectations and represents the fastest growth since the first three months of 2007.
It also means the eurozone’s fourth largest economy has expanded for eight consecutive quarters.
Compared with a year ago, the economy grew by 3.1pc. This was slightly below expectations of 3.2pc, but much higher than the 2.7pc growth recorded in the year to March.

While Thursday’s preliminary figures did not include an breakdown of expenditure growth, analysts said the expansion was driven by stronger consumer spending, industrial investment and a weaker euro, which boosted exports.
“We believe consumers continued to ratchet up their spending on services and non-essential spending, calmed by the unfolding recovery in both the economy and labour market, and spurred on by competitive pricing in tandem with increased purchasing power to release some pent-up demand,” said Howard Archer, an economist at IHS Global Insight.
The robust second quarter expansion means the economy continues to grow faster than the UK, where output rose by 0.7pc in the second quarter and 0.4pc in the first three months of the year.
While the Spanish economy is expanding at one of the fastest rates in Europe, analysts highlighted that the country’s unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the bloc.
In a note released ahead of the GDP data, Marc Ostwald, an analyst at ADMISI, said: “With second quarter unemployment still at 22.4pc, whereby the fall has been primarily driven by very low paid jobs and emigration, the local population is hardly sensing any real sign of benefitting from the recovery,” he said.
Spain’s budget deficit also remains stubbornly high, standing at 5.8pc of gross domestic product (GDP) at the end of 2014. The government has set a deficit target of 4.2pc of GDP in 2015 and 2.8pc in 2016.
Nandini Ramakrishnan, global market strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, said: “There remain structural economic issues which need to be corrected. Unemployment is still rampant, especially among those under the age of 25 – youth unemployment is a staggering 52pc. If Spain can’t get a handle on its employment situation through necessary reforms then internal demand might not be strong enough to sustain the country’s predicted recovery.
“Political stability is a key ingredient to the reform programme. Recent Spanish regional election results weakened the two-party system in the country while affirming a surge in support for new parties, both of which are opposed to fiscal austerity and less supportive of structural reforms. However, the most radical, Podemos, has seen declining support in recent months.”

By Szu Ping Chan 9:43AM BST 30 Jul 2015

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